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Chicago IL 60649
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Studio 71's range of services including (but not limited to) 

  • Custom Framing 
  • Prints 
  • Lithographs
  • Mixed Media 
  • Photo Framing 
  • Photographic Portraits
  • Oil-On-Canvas Portraits 

Studio 71 is the nucleus of South Shore's art community and Benyamin Maccabee is the driving force behind keeping the community's passion for art alive by making it easily accessible and affordable. As the curator of Studio 71, he collaborates with Chicago area artists including noted Chicago photographer, George May. The fusion of their respective styles vividly showcases man-made structures like Chicago's beautiful skyline, while simultaneously capturing the vibrant colors of nature's floral patterns. Whether their works are originally conceived or reproduced, it is done so with passion and professionalism. Every brushstroke, drilled nail, and frame is guided by Benyamin and his professional craft men. With his strong sense of spirituality, divine inspiration and commitment to excellence Mr. Maccabee brings a unique artistic experience to Chicago.

We offer corporate and promotional discounts on all custom framing.
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